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Kurst Wants You To Stay Focused on ‘Noise’

For Kurst, music has always been a powerful outlet of personal expression, a way to deal with a reality that has often proven itself challenging. That’s where the Canadian rapper finds the motivation to innovate and keep releasing music: it’s just part of him. You might remember Kurst from a couple of features we did about him this past few months. Writing about his past single ‘Action’, we proudly declared: “Focusing on a simple beat and lo-fi, textured melodic matter, it provides the perfect environment for the Canadian talent’s intense and evocative vocals, really delivering every line with pathos and dramatic intention.”

As you would expect, the Ontario-based newcomer is not nearly done with sharing his art. In fact, he’s got a new track for you right now. ‘Noise’ is Kurst’s latest record. In it, the listener will be met with more modern hip-hop than its predecessor. Channelling dark and gangsta-style trap, ‘Noise’ still maintains the same bouncy and groovy energy, albeit with more electronic flavourings. 

Lyrically, the single seeks to be an anthem towards dedication and drive. As Kurst explains: “Noise is a song about dealing with the inevitable doubt that accompanies chasing your goals. It’s about filtering out all the NOISE to keep focused on your path in life.”

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