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Eddie Cohn Tries to Worry Less on Latest Tune ‘Wave Goodbye’

At the beginning of this year, we at Mesmerized fell deeply in love with a tune called ‘Who or What I Was Before’. Courtesy of Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Eddie Cohn, we proudly labelled the track a “powerful, intense, and irresistible earworm”. Now, with over 5,000 plays on Spotify to its name, it’s clear that we weren’t the only ones who resonated so deeply with the song.

We’ve been patiently waiting to hear what Eddie would get up to next, and his brand new tune ‘Wave Goodbye’ has not let us down. Exploring a somewhat different sonic approach compared to its predecessor, ‘Wave Goodbye’ sees Cohn tapping into the vocal stylings of artists like Black Francis and the late Layne Staley. ‘Think U2 meets The Pixies meets INXS with this latest single,” he says.

Upbeat, energetic, and with an important message to worry less and live for the moment, Eddie’s new track is another sublime piece that he can proudly add to his discography. An immensely talented musician who always seems to produce the goods, Cohn proves once again that he’s a versatile artist with a knack for crafting unforgettable songs. Here’s to many more!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Wave Goodbye’ on Spotify now:


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