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Eddie Cohn Returns with Energetic Earworm ‘Who or What I Was Before’

Raised on a steady diet of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Alice In Chains, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Eddie Cohn channels his grunge influences into a brand new tune called ‘Who or What I Was Before’. “There’s certainly some synth and piano in the track, but I wanted the energy to be more straight-ahead rock and roll,” he says. The outcome is a rich, organic and expertly layered song that pulsates with that raw and unbridled energy that is often missing in today’s music. Powerful, intense, and an irresistible earworm that lingers well beyond the tune’s end.

Having released his debut album ‘If I’m Happy It Ends’ back in 2005, Eddie is approaching his musical vicennial. Nearly twenty years later, however, the fire in this musician’s belly could not be more ablaze. “I spent the last year in the studio working on new music,” says Cohn. “My plan is to release a new song every other month in 2024”.

‘Who or What I Was Before’ has taken me back in time, as I too grew up with the likes of Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell postered on my walls. Eddie puts in a sterling and heartfelt vocal performance on the track, and the promise of similar-sounding songs being in the pipeline is a truly exciting prospect!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Who or What I Was Before’ on Spotify now:


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