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Vanilla Franco Goes Loud on Debut Album ‘Traction’

Vanilla Franco is the musical project of Suffolk-based independent artist Joey Quinn, a musician who lives by the slogan “Go Loud!” ‘Traction’ is Joey’s debut album, and on it, he certainly lives up to his bold and unapologetic mantra. Delivering a high-octane musical experience from start to finish, ‘Traction’ is a record that ignites the senses and refuses to be ignored. Gritty, raw, and in-your-face, the nine-track extravaganza embodies the spirit of rebellion and authenticity, solidifying Quinn’s reputation as a boundary-pushing artist with a distinctive sound.

A complete one-man effort, ‘Traction’ was written, recorded, and produced all by Joey himself. Oh, he also took care of the album’s artwork. Now that’s what I call a true independent musician! Working in this vein means that Quinn can stay true to his artistic vision and creative instincts, allowing him to express himself freely without having to conform to industry norms and expectations.

In just four days, Vanilla Franco will be unleashing a brand new EP in the form of ‘Walden’. Described by the musician as “more meditative than Traction,” it promises a different sonic experience and landscape. We can’t wait to hear it!

Serious album alert! Enjoy ‘Traction’ on Spotify now:


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