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Discover Coconut Shy’s Pensive Storytelling in ‘Water, Water’

Music can be a powerful tool for expression. Melbourne-based talent Coconut Shy knows it very well, being the promoter of a project that focuses on poignant, pensive storytelling framed into acoustic, soulful settings. While music has been a life-long affair, the project we know as ‘Coconut Shy’ made its official debut only last year, with the beautiful ‘Japan Town’ EP. The record gave us a clear glimpse of what we were in for; evocative songwriting, comforting guitar work and light percussions. 

Born in Tasmania, Joseph Mackey forged his artistry in a thousand open mic and local gigs, building his knack for relatability and connecting with the listeners. Now surfing the music industry under the moniker ‘Coconut Shy’, the Aussie talent seems to have a clear mission: lending a helping hand (or a song) to whoever might need it. 

‘Water, Water’ marks Mackey’s return. Released earlier this month, the song seeks to evolve Coconut Shy towards a more holistic direction, at least musically. His signature acoustic guitar is joined by an eclectic arrangement, including a wide number of percussions and drums. This gives way to an anthemic, empowering tune, aimed at resolution. Lyrically, ‘Water, Water’ puts under a microscope the author’s feelings towards nostalgia and reflecting on the past, motivating himself to look forward instead. 

As Coconut Shy explains: “Sometimes I can’t resist the temptation to dwell in the past, on good times long gone. ‘Water, Water’ was sort of my way of looking myself in the mirror and saying ‘Hey man, the past is done. Let’s propel forward”.

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