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The Heroic Enthusiasts Return with Original Single ‘All I Want’

The keen reader might remember The Heroic Enthusiasts, nostalgic musical duo from the US on a mission to modernise the glorious sound of the 80s. We wrote about them last year, defining ‘Tears Run Rings’ as “celebrating a decade that has shaped modern culture”. While that was a Marc Almond cover, the Rochester-based pair now returns with an original, a collaboration with a rather important figure, producer Stephen Hague (New Order, Peter Gabriel, Erasure). 

‘All I Want’ is the result of such a powerful creative process. Built on classic yet nuanced 80s hi-nrg pop stylings, the record makes ample use of bouncy dancy beats and synths arpeggiators, building the perfect musical background for The Heroic Enthusiasts charming vocal tone, here embarking on a journey through passions and love. We must recognise that the vocal delivery is absolutely flawless, making for a record that might as well have been done in 1984. Or 87. 

Slowly amassing a global fanbase – the 80s scene is still massive around the world – The Heroic  Enthusiasts gear up for an upcoming album released via Meridian (ECR Music Group). Judging by what we hear in ‘All I Want’, we are in for a real treat!

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