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Dylan Tauber Unveils Majestic Album ‘Sea People’

When it comes to entering Dylan Tauber’s artistic universe, one must remember the multi-disciplinary nature of his creativity. An award-winning and visionary electronic musician, cyber artist, photographer, and author, Tauber shares a strong globetrotter character, a journey that now sees him living in a kibbutz in northern Israel. Anyway, enough dwelling: ‘Sea People’ is Dylan’s latest effort, a long, stunning electronic album that feels as large and ethereal as it is cosmic. 

Themed around a remote island in the southwestern Pacific, its idyllic environment and animal population, ‘Sea People’ tries to replicate the same mesmerising feeling felt by its author when surrounded by such majestic nature. He fully manages to do that: the record feels dreamy and hypnotising, the perfect tool for escape into a soothing, magical alternative universe – although confined in our minds. 

Balanced over bright and cinematic soundscapes and more beefy and anthemic pieces, ‘Sea People’ is the perfect evidence of Tauber’s artistic stature, a quality that makes him able to pack a whole physical experience into an hour of stunning and evocative music. 

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