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Mac Summer Unveils Hypnotising D&B Banger ‘Let It Go’

‘Let It Go’ is an electrifying gem, a slice of eclectic and elegant Drum&Bass that is bound to connect with every fan of the genre. Produced by renowned kiwi producer Mac Summer, the record is the perfect blend towards authentic D&B grittiness and a more poppy flair, making it potentially appealing to a wider, mainstream audience. In fact, we’d say it even enters EDM territories, in the sense that it’s friendly and approachable – an easy listening experience. 

Sonically, ‘Let It Go’ shares Mac Summer’s long experience in crafting such mesmerising and hard-hitting jewels. The beat feels authoritative yet minimal, the perfect companion for the darker and saturated bass and the bright sweeping tones. The female vocal melody, ethereal and angelic, gives the track a mission, making it almost a cinematic feature. 

A wonderful effort from Mac Summer, showcasing once again his supremacy in the New Zealand Drum&Bass scene. Do yourself a favour and dive into ‘Let It Go’: power and character combined. 

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