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Forest Bed Debuts with Soothing and Reflective EP ‘Placeholders’

‘Placeholders’ is one of those EP that feels light, almost ethereal. Nuggets of reflection and introspection delivered with eclectic stylings and mellow energy. Penned by London outfit Forest Bed, the record is balanced between folk, rock and country, making its sonic references rather varied and kaleidoscopic. Combining acoustic and steel guitars, soothing and poignant vocals, feathery drums and a general sense of sleaziness, ‘Placeholders’ is bound to conquer the hearts of the most sensible listeners – partly thanks to its inner fragility and honesty. 

The contrast among some of the EP’s numbers is quite apparent, at times. Take for instance title track ‘Placeholders’, basking into a light and slow-paced shoegaze-y formula, and opener ‘Footsteps’, a decisively country-inspired anthem. Overall, we’d say that sonically there’s a constant tension between country and rock, while the folk component of the EP is manifested through Forest Bed’s vocal delivery and their lyrical themes. 

Formed by Paul Freeman (vocals/ guitar/ synth), Matt Markwick (lap steel guitar/ violin/ backing vocals), Jay Springett (bass) and Mark Duddy (drums), the British outfit describes their music as “slow, sad country music” – something that makes sense given what we heard. 

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