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Dry Run Are Filled with Rage in ‘Cast The Spell’

Hitting you as hard as a brick, ‘Cast The Spell’ doesn’t lose any time through informality, instead jumping straight into tight, punchy and gritty territories from the get-go. A cascade of raw distortions, punk stylings and grunge energy is then served on a silver plate, with a side of charismatic and gritty vocals. Penned by Brighton-based group Dry Run, the record is an absolute must-listen for any diehard rock fan out there. 

Blending 90s energy with modern alt-flavourings, Dry Run embarks on a fierce journey that’s three-minute long, and it never lets you take a breather; it is a stream of continuous, intense energy from start to finish, all showcased with impressive musical prowess and technical abilities. Thinking about it, how can such sonic goodness come from just a trio? George Eddy, Stuart Rushforth and Mark Lane function as a well-oiled machine, and it shows. 

Speaking about the lyricism behind the song, they explain: “Cast the Spell” is a playful visit to the ghost town of misplaced and poorly managed emotions. Over time you start to understand how much more influence you have on them than you realised, and it doesn’t always have to be traumatic to go back to dark places with this knowledge”.

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