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Tom Webber Shares Vibrant Gem ‘Keep Calling’

There’s an understated elegance in ‘Keep Calling’. Built on playful and kaleidoscopic tones, the record is certainly punchy and upbeat, yet quite classy, with Tom Webber’s evocative vocals showcasing their charismatic and confident character. Drenched in modern indie-pop stylings, the track is relatable and catchy, allowing the listeners to fully immerse themselves in the overall hypnotising vibe. 

A collaborative effort with writer and producer James Dring and Jack Kaye from The Magic Gang, ‘Keep Calling’ is a wonderful effort, incredibly vibrant and shiny. Speaking about the inspiration behind its lyricism, Webber explains: “A song about that friend who once was your rock, your sidekick. But as time moves, so do personalities. Friends who were once ‘thick as thieves’ have now drifted apart as the years have gone by. Narrated through the eyes and mind of someone who’s trying to let that person go and move on with life”.

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