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Miles East Gears Up for Upcoming Album with ‘Better Than Here’

If we had to describe ‘Better Than Here’ in one word, it would be ‘elegant’. The track is a slice of relatable goodness, delivered with charisma and evocative energy by Miles East. Hailing from New York City, the American singer and songwriter is gearing up for an upcoming album, ‘Between Lightning and Thunder’, expected in the near future. If ‘Better Than Here’ is anything to go by, we are in for a blissful sonic journey. Not only the musical environment is soothing and evocative, but East’s vocals also crown the track with their luscious character and meaningful lyricism. 

Themed around the nuances and complexity of a failing relationship, ‘Better Than Here’ is a last call to action, a longing for a better time. It’s a fleeting moment of hope that might spark long-lasting change. Miles is the perfect interpreter for such a deep and complex lyrical matter. His voice tone is rather relatable and wholesome, making the whole song quite emotional. We are confident it will connect with a large audience. 

As East explains: “It’s an ode to the boldness of buoyancy and hope, and to the promises we make to those we love when weathering dark forces.”

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