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Dominic Romano Pens a Heartfelt Tribute on ‘Who I Am’

Is there anything more honest or pure than an artist penning a song for a dying loved one? Please welcome Dominic Romano, a Eureka-based singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. On his brand new single ‘Who I Am’, Romano reflects on the life of his late mother, what she’d provided for him in life, and how to find a way of keeping her memory alive without her. “She never got a chance to hear it,” says Dominic. “But I hope listeners can find some catharsis in these words”. 

Sonically, ‘Who I Am’ is a heartwrenching yet comforting acoustic guitar-led tune. Sitting comfortably somewhere between indie-folk and contemporary pop, it’s Romano’s vocal performance that steals the show for me. Radiant, sincere, and full-bodied, it couldn’t be more clear that he was pouring his heart and soul out on the track.  

Recorded in the musician’s home studio, (though you’d never be able to tell) ‘Who I Am’ showcases a songwriting and storytelling master. Dominic has been in the music game since 2015 and has earned himself a solid fanbase over the last eight years. I think this tune has the ability to propel him even further, and I have no doubt it’ll receive positive reactions all around! A genuine beauty. 

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Who I Am’ on Spotify now:


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