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Discover The Amanda Emblem Experiment and their EP ‘Power of One’

If Americana and Country are your daily sources of musical vibes, you’ll rejoice in discovering Amanda Emblem. Hailing from Queensland, AUS, the talented singer and songwriter has been building an artistic collective, here called an ‘Experiment’, an outlet for her gentle yet intense songwriting. ‘Power Of One’ is the latest result of such endeavour, an impressive five-track EP showcasing Emblem’s nuanced vocal tone and lyrical melancholia. 

The Amanda Emblem Experiment is here to stay, and it would only be natural: the Aussie songstress can boast a long career as a performer, opening for bands such as Kiss, Aerosmith and Motley Crue, among others. ‘Power Of One’ is just the latest checkpoint into an artistic journey that has so much more to give. 

One thing to note in ‘Power Of One’ is its lyrical structure: you see, there seems to be a love for endless streams of consciousness, refraining from conventional structures in favour of a more streamlined train of thoughts. We love that, it’s something that draws us into the record instantly, making us and every listener a part of Amanda Emblem’s personal universe. 

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