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JSDavani Explores His Inner Consciousness in ‘imaginary vowels’

When approaching JSDavani, one must be ready to embrace his cathartic artistic journey, a passionate jump into pure, unfiltered personal expression. It’s not casual: the Atlanta resident finds relief and solace in the act of creation, in the ‘making’. Be it visual arts, or music, he uses it as a release valve for stress, inner conflicts, and the complexity of everyday existence. On such premise, it was only natural for us to expect a rather complex and nuanced record – we got it. ‘Imaginary vowels’ is JSDavani’s latest effort, a hypnotising and ethereal dive into experimental electronica, soundscapes and found sounds. 

We’d describe ‘imaginary vowels’ as both soothing and intense. You see, the various timbres used in the EP are very gentle, deliciously malleable. But the way they are collected together makes for intense listening. After a while, you’ll find yourself descending into your own thoughts, discovering old memories, unresolved pain, and deep corners of your identity. That’s what we love the most about music and art in general: it takes you away from the ineluctability of time, even for just a few minutes. 

Delving into the making of ‘imaginary vowels’, JSDavani explains: “there are also ample environmental sounds incorporated from the use of field recordings and DIY found sound/sound collage work. Negative space, a concept more familiar to visual arts, is also approached as a dynamic tool and used to generate more contrast and effect”.

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