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Discover Sun Lite Experimental Album ‘Unicorns & Dragons’

In our modern times, reality has become somewhat of a disappointing image, nurturing the need for escapism. We all need a safe haven, a place to retreat to, a comforting outlet where we can explore and treasure our dreams and fantasies. Belgian sonic alchemist Sun Lite helps us gain such escape with his latest album, the eclectic and experimental gem ‘Unicorns & Dragons’.

This record is an ode to childhood, as it blends engaging and edgy electronic music with catchy tunes and folky acoustic guitar. The result is fresh sonic matter that feels dreamy, ethereal and universal, evoking a sense of nostalgia and longing for simpler, more innocent times. Title track ‘Unicorns & Dragons’ is a moving reflection on the joys of childhood and the beauty of fantasy, while ‘M.O.T.H.E.R.’ is a touching tribute to Sun Lite’s mother, who passed away before the track was written.

The Belgian talent has crafted a beautiful and emotional album that serves as a reminder of the importance of imagination and creativity in our lives. As Sun Lite aptly states, “What the world needs now is a bit more childish fantasy.” We would all do well to heed this call and embrace the power of our own dreams and fantasies.

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