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Specialists Share New Eclectic Album ‘Hole in the Wall’

Hailing from New York City, Specialists is one of those bands whose ability to change and innovate is always surprising. As their January 2022 tour came to a close, the group started incorporating into their artistry the vibrant culture and tone of the cities and artists they met along the road. This gave birth to the record we all get to listen to today. ‘Hole in the Wall’ is the result of a newly-found identity for the American talents. 

Compared to their older material, ‘Hole in the Wall’ embraces eclecticism and openness. Together with previous EP ‘Glass’, the records leave cliches guitar riffs behind in favour of a wider instrumental field, including keys and synthesisers. The result is a sonic outlook that’s more digestible, and potentially appealing to a larger audience. It is also evidence of Specialists’ commitment to unfiltered and truthful musical research. 

A 9-track album, ‘Hole in the Wall’ could be described as the meeting point of indie punchiness, funky grooviness and mild rock tones. The opener title track is perhaps the most evident example of that, instantly setting the vibe for what’s to follow. To note, Specialists’ lead vocals are able to modulate on acute registries. 

An album worth listening to, from a clearly interesting band. Discover Specialists on Spotify: 


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