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Julien Delaye Releases Complex and Theatrical Album ‘Ancient Monster’

There is a strong theatrical component in Julien Delaye‘s music. As if he were to create his own artistic universe, one where a permanent chiaroscuro influenced every second of the experience, one where nostalgia mixes with light and understated sadness, wrapping everything in mystery and “dark romanticism”. A French singer-songwriter from Marseilles, Julien Delaye spent the best part of the pandemic writing song snippets on an acoustic guitar. ‘Ancient Monster’ is the reward we all get, a 5-track EP that deeply explores the artistry of a clearly inspired and talented musician. 

This solitary project, entirely designed, produced, recorded and mixed by Delaye, was always meant to steer away from formulas and trends, instead pursuing his own raw, unfiltered identity. ‘Ancient Monster’ becomes difficult to categorize, although if we really had to, we’d say it navigates the vast sea between folk and rock. Perhaps, Julien’s music is not meant to be enclosed in a box, but rather let free on a vast prairie. 

Overall, Julien Delaye’s artistic output is an intoxicating blend of dark folk, gritty rock, and thoughtful contemplation. It is music that inspires and encourages us to explore our own feelings and emotions. Music that encourages us to be introspective and seek out our own truths.

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