Jem Debuts With Stunning EP ‘Love Me or Lose Me’

It takes courage to share your own music with the world. It always feels like sharing an intimate slice of your personality, and as such you often feel very vulnerable. That’s what being an artist means, after all: opening yourself up to third-party scrutiny, knowing you put your soul into your work. That’s why we always appreciate when young creatives debut with strong records: it shows they are tough, talented and that they will likely go forward. 

For instance, take Jem’s debut EP, ‘Love Me or Lose Me’. Hailing from London, the young singer and songwriter champions a kaleidoscopic personal style, balanced between pop, R’n’B and Jazz influences. At only 20 years old, Jem showcases a maturity that’s not common for her age. Featuring 4 tracks, the EP is a delicious journey into the highs and lows of human love, framed into fresh and charismatic musical goodness. 

Opener ‘Falling 4U’ – featuring Tomi Balogh – is perhaps the more modern number on the record. It’s sultry, luscious R’n’B, blinking an eye to neo-soul and hip-hop. ‘1.18’, with tee fisher, continues in the same direction, although slowing the tempo and the intensity down. 

‘Juliet’ is perhaps our favourite track. Navigating funkier avenues, the song recalls retro Rhythms and Blues, particularly thanks to its groovy guitars and 80s-inspired beats. ‘Fingertips’ closes the record in mesmerising fashion, delivering a classy, piano-driven ballad that takes on an alternative identity in its chorus. Certainly the jazzier song on the EP.

Mind you, all of the above would be meaningless without the most important element in it, Jem’s extraordinary vocals. Precise yet malleable, able to explore a variety of registries in order to deliver relatable, heartfelt lyricism. If this is anything to go by, we are expecting a bright future for the London resident. 

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