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Discover Parjam Parsi’s Soothing Classical Style in ‘Dialogue’

When in need of a classical yet relaxing kick, one might want to look for Parjam Parsi. The Armenian composer, pianist and producer has had a long history of creating ambient masterpieces, crafting soothing sonic landscapes enriched by his intimate, poignant piano playing. Recalling soft imagery, the listener will be able to enter into a serene state, a mental cosiness that will represent a welcome refuge from the everyday hustle and the chaos of our modern reality. 

Looking back to Parsi’s extensive catalogue, one might want to focus on ‘DIALOGUE’, released in August 2012. The record is Parsi’s third studio album, via Winter Music Entertainment. In It, Parsi sought to initiate an open conversation between South American poetry and poets, and the composer himself. The depth of his understanding of musical instruments and the control he has in his work is particularly evident in ‘DIALOGUE’: a testament to the talented artist’s compositional ability, as well as his dedication to his craft, and it is sure to be remembered as an influential work.

A renowned musical actor, Parjam Parsi has had a lifelong relationship with music. From his early days learning the piano, he was able to immerse himself in the works of classical and contemporary composers, paving the way for his own artistical path.

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