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Discover One of Britain’s Hottest Upcoming Bands, LONG ISLAND

It was only last year when indie-pop band LONG ISLAND arrived on the scene. With their powerful production and heartfelt vocals, these brave souls sought to push the boundaries of their genre. Led by the charming vocalist Rhiannon Stephenson, guitarist/vocalist Cameron Conner, bassist Paddy Spence-Lewis, and drummer Jan van Beem, the band’s sound was undeniably one to behold. Championing a modern indie-pop drenched in pop and electronica influences, the group has so far showcased hit-level songwriting, together with flawless productions and a winning attitude. 

Their single releases ‘blissful satisfaction’, ‘broken’, and ‘average’ quickly achieved critical acclaim from the likes of the BBC, Amazing Radio, and Hive Radio, and the band quickly spread their sound across the north of the UK. Now, the group shares their debut album ‘infatuation’s a nightmare’, an exploration of the ups and downs of love from start to finish. 

Written and produced by Rhiannon, Cameron, and their friend Bradley Weston (of the band TRASH), LONG ISLAND’s new album is a testament to their strength and synergy. Months of work went into the project, and it’s evident that the band has truly fallen in love with the process of creating music together. As it stands, the British band is a force to be reckoned with – when will the industry take notice? We are confident it won’t be long till they blow up. But one thing is certain – if you dare to dream, their music will haunt your dreams – and nightmares.

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