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Simon Linsteadt Releases Nostalgic and Poignant Acoustic Goodness ‘Desolation’

It took us a while to find the words to describe ‘Desolation’. Such a nostalgic, poignant, beautiful composition. It takes our breaths away. Or better, it puts us in a dream-like state, recalling past memories, painful moments, self-doubts and personal achievements. Definitely an intimate number, a track that’s best served when you are alone, perhaps through a pair of quality headphones. Only then you’ll be able to appreciate Simon Linsteadt’s sapient guitar player. Every strum, every arpeggio, and every action has its own meaning, teaming up to deliver the ultimate gift, a rare piece of musical goodness. 

Not to mention, Linstead’t vocals. So relatable and comforting, even while drenched in vocoder tones. Strangely, it actually works. Vocoder vocals and acoustic guitar seem to be a winning effort for the Maine resident, managing to evoke pure and unfiltered magic. Of course, Simon being good at his art is certainly not a surprise. The American talent has been a permanent fixture of the music industry for the past decade.

Since 2013, Simon has released solo albums that have been streamed over 5 million times and has toured all over the US and abroad. He has also composed music for NPR’s This American Life, commercial scoring and sound design, and is currently scoring the upcoming feature film EGG by actress/director Eva Victor.

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