Ipe Shares Luscious Record ‘Lapse’

‘Lapse’ is a truly intriguing record. You see, it moves with confidence and lusciousness. The first minute is quite intense, with majestic synth stabs and Ipe’s wonderful vocals anticipating a groove drop that seems to never come to fruition… It builds anticipation while keeping the listener’s attention high. Eventually, when the beat enters the sonic picture, the whole song comes to fruition, revealing the fashionable nostalgic and nuanced formula used by the project. 

Echoing disco and retro-soul stylings, ‘Lapse’ becomes an ear candy, an inspirational gem that feels empowering and enlightening. Such a powerful record also represents a personal new beginning for Ipe, as he drives the project forward in a more contemporary electronic direction. 

Delving into the lyrical inspiration behind ‘Lapse’, the Brazilian talent explains: “It’s about the time I almost drowned while surfing when I was 15 years old. The waves were heavier than I anticipated, and it was a lapse of my judgment that caused me to underestimate the ocean. The self-reflective lyrics are also a metaphor relating to the experience of uncertainty and going through difficult times. We’re not always at our best and we all have our lows.”

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