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Discover Clare Easdown’s AI-Generated Wonder ‘NOT READY TO DIE’

When Canadian musician Grimes said that she would treat an AI hit using her voice as she would a collaboration with any artist, our friend and Sydney-based vocalist Clare Easdown got to work. ‘NOT READY TO DIE’ sees Clare making use of an ethereal and leftfield AI-generated track. She then stripped Grimes’ vocals from her tune ‘Violence’, adjusted their pitch and tempo, and added her own sublime vocals to the mix. Lyrically, the musician is laser-focused on the topic of climate change and sends out a desperate call for immediate intervention. “The result is a mixture of raw emotion and an urgent plea for help,” she says.

We’ve really come to love and respect Clare’s work. She’s an artist with an immense work ethic and an incredible drive to have her voice and message heard. Drawing on influence from Grimes (obviously), FKA twigs, Sevdaliza, Madonna, and CHVRCHΞS, Easdown shares that same undeniable authenticity with her idols. It’s what makes her sound genuine and sincere.

“If planet Earth were to write a song right now, this would be it,” says Clare. I firmly believe that we need more artists with similar mindsets in today’s world. Artists who realise how powerful their voices can be, and use them for the good of humanity as opposed to the glorification of themselves. Thank you, Clare!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘NOT READY TO DIE’ on Youtube now:


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