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Alec Berlin Shares Final Complete Album ‘Space Punk and Other Junk’

It took almost a year for his artistic journey to arrive at a resolution. Finally, he’s reaching his zenith, revealing the complete shape of his sonic research. Alec Berlin couldn’t be prouder of himself: a permanent fixture on our pages over the past few months, we patiently observed him sharing his carefully crafted instrumental pieces, small slices of a galaxy of guitar virtuoso bits and mellow melodies. Now, the New York-based musician can proudly unveil the final album, ‘Space Punk and Other Junk’. 

In it, the listener will be met with pure and unfiltered musicianship, the kind of creative flair one picks up only after years of playing an instrument. Berlin is been at it for the best part of his life, getting to know his trusted guitar inch after inch. Thanks to that, Alec delivers stunning and immersive instrumental pieces that never overpower the songs’ friendly formulas, instead augmenting it, perhaps making the record more akin to a soundtrack or a cinematic effort. 

Not compositions for a musician-powered audience: instead, for everyone keen enough to delve into ‘Space Punk and Other Junk’. That’s the strength of the project: being friendly and accessible. Describing the idea behind the record, Berlin explains: “instrumental singer-songwriter music. These songs speak the vernacular of concise pop-rock music, so you’d expect them to have words. But it’s instrumental music.”

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