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The Arvik Unleash Experimental EDM Album ‘Bowhead Tales’

By now you’ll surely be familiar with our multi-genre approach. We believe in talent, and not restricting artistry to a specific style or approach. With this in mind, please give a big welcome to The Arvik, a three-piece EDM act hailing from Piacenza, Italy. Having formed in 2021, The Arvik released their energetic debut single ‘Stones And Tears’ in the middle of last year and followed that up with the progressive smash ‘DAMN’. Both tunes form part of the act’s brand new album ‘Bowhead Tales’, a record I’ve recently fallen in love with that embraces experimentation, innovation, and musical evolution.

‘Bored Soul’ begins proceedings and builds itself up slowly, step by step, layer upon synthy layer. It’s mellow and atmospheric, to begin with, before descending into a lively and spirited anthem. ‘Bounce Me’ then follows in a similar fashion, albeit with a somewhat darker and sinister undertone.

‘Dreaming Black’, ‘Scale It Up’, and ‘Chill Please’ make up the remaining tracks on ‘Bowhead Tales’ not previously released as singles. Each has a life and a soul of its own and deserves nothing less than your full and undivided attention. What a band! What an album! I cannot wait to hear more!

Serious album alert! Enjoy ‘Bowhead Tales’ on Spotify now:


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