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Daniel Young Shares Country Gem ‘Help Us Get Along’ 

A playful, crunchy and uplifting offering, ‘Help Us Get Along’ is an incredibly fierce and positive slice of vintage country and Americana packed into a modern and enticing livery. Introduced by a catchy and rustic guitar riff, the song soon evolves into a controlled state of euphoria, driving a hard groove with elegant drums and a tapestry of organ chords. Closing the deal, we find Daniel Young’s immersive and bright vocals, wrapping the listeners in sharp wit and cheerful lyricism. 

What more could you ever want? If country vibes are what gets you going, this is a record you’ll devour, We did, and to be fair, we are not the biggest connoisseurs of the genre. That said, we know good music when we find it. And we just did! Daniel Young manages to pen a track that’s inspiring and lively, offering a glimpse of old-school rowdyness to any keen listener. 

To note, ‘Help Us Get Along’ anticipates an upcoming album, expected for 2024. You can pre-order vinyl and CDs for ‘Leave It Out To Dry’ on Bandcamp. In any case, do connect with Young, based on what we just heard we are in for a damn good record. 

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