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The Listros Shares Fierce Rock Banger ‘Into the Otherside’

Well, that’s a banger, isn’t it? A fragrant wall of fuzzy guitar tones, punchy and rebellious drums, and fierce vocals, all compressed into a modern rock capsule that feels vibrant and uplifting. You see, we are bombarded with rock music submissions, but often time they tend to embark on a traditional style, so to speak. Well, we prefer edginess to nostalgia. Hence, ‘Into the Otherside’ is a welcome offering, especially when paired with catchy and anthemic songwriting and friendly melodies. 

Shout-out to the production, for making sure that the piece perfectly fits the modern rock extravaganza. Shout-out to The Listros too, the group behind such furious goodness. Hailing from Toronto, the talented brotherly duo – they are, in fact, siblings – has already given a few indications of their godly quality; we are for instance told of a sold-out show, something that we are confident will be easily replicable. 

If you haven’t understood it yet, The Listros are deadly serious about their craft. For now, there’s an EP in the pipeline and a flashing live show ready to be exported globally. We’ll look out for it!

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