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mia van de loo Debuts with Ethereal Gem ‘fairytale’

Wrapping her artistry in ethereal mystery, mia van de loo resembles an angel, a vibrant and fragile entity sent to earth to alleviate the darkness of everyday life. In fact, her debut effort – ‘fairytale’ – feels exactly like that. Built on a bucolic mixture of acoustic picking and evocative textures, the track is the perfect setting for van der loo’s delicate and soothing vocals, easy on the ears yet meaningful on the mind. In all of this goodness, the American songstress manages to pack the song with catchy melodies and real-life relatability, making for an even more compelling record. 

If we could describe the way the song makes us feel, we’d say “vibrant blissfulness.” An unexpected artistic journey, ‘fairytale’ feels delicate, brilliant and acute in its timbre, yet anthemic and cathartic, certainly hiding extensive poignancy. 

A collaborative work with producer and mixing engineer Laiko and mastering engineer Eric Lagg, ‘fairytale’ is a very strong debut effort for mia van de loo. Luckily, she’ll be unveiling her first EP (‘open book’) on December 8th. Stay tuned!

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