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Jonsjooel Unveils Stunning Cinematic Goodness ‘Goodbye Ah’

We weren’t quite ready for what Jonsjooel had in store for us. ‘Goodbye Ah’ completely overwhelmed us, kidnapping us into a vibrant, bucolic universe where notes and beats are liquid clouds, floating freely in the sky, solely pushed by Jonsjooel’s emotional vocals and enlightened compositional choices. We are not being dramatic: simply, the track is that good. 

A slice of spacious leftfield euphoria, ‘Goodbye Ah’ can be considered cinematic, but to be honest with you all, it’s just as expansive as our reality; drawing inspiration from here and there, the Berlin-based, Finnish talent builds a sonic recipe that’s uniquely his, hypnotising listeners with the mere force of his artistic vision. We are big fans of the warm, powerful piano crowning the whole piece. 

A gifted drummer and multi-instrumentalist, Joonsjooel drenches the track in meaningful lyricism too; as he explains: “Goodbye Ah is a reflection of my belief in signs. Sometimes they appear as omens, intuition, or whatever we want to call them. And if we cherish our sensitivity, we can see so much more.” Look out for the project’s upcoming EP ‘Voices Of A First Day’ via Kieku Records.

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