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Avalon Kane and Stu Patterson Share New Collaborative Gem ‘Red’

The artistic pairing between Avalon Kane and Stu Patterson seems to be working extremely well; the two Australian creatives perfectly fit each other’s styles, both championing a pretty experimental and innovative outlook on modern electronica. We had a taste of it last year, when Kane and Patterson teamed up over ‘Tracks’, a decisively dark and punchy offering. Proudly writing about it, we declared: “Patterson’s eerie, haunting voice pairs perfectly with Kane’s cerebral, mesmerising and introspective sound matter.”

We stand by our words: the Adelaide residents are now back with what feels like a confirmation, a celebration of unfiltered artistry. ‘Red’ follows pretty much the same path as its predecessor, exploring alternative electronic territories with understated synth work, minimal drum-machine-style beats and gooey soundscapes. Stu’s vocals float freely in this very compelling sonic picture, showcasing their evocative character and powerful reach. 

In a way, Patterson’s nuanced and introspective vocals create a stark contrast with Kane’s icy and analytical sounds. The same contrast can be found in the song’s lyricism, echoing the permanent chiaroscuro that informs all aspects of like, a constant battle between light and dark.

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