As Seen Above Debut with Indie Anthem ‘Rose Tinted’

While we welcome them into the music scene, we cannot refrain from thanking them for the freshness and raw energy they bring to it. Emerging from Exeter, UK, As Seen Above seems motivated to showcase their unique blend of indie formulas and pop-flavoured songwriting, resulting in musical material that’s edgy and alternative, while remaining relatable and catchy. ‘Rose Tinted’ is the group’s latest effort, a charming gem that confirms our expectations. Notable, the band formed earlier this year. They are not losing time! 

Comprised of Ted, Tommy, Mark and Ryan, As Seen Above place their strengths in the dual vocals setup they seem to so proudly champion. There’s not a lot of room for innovation in their genre, after all, so everything counts. Produced by Mike Lumb, ‘Rose Tinted’ introduces itself with fuzzy, grunge-flavoured guitar riffs, although keeping a friendly consistency. Drums are punchy, yet gentle and controlled. There’s ample room for the vocals in the arrangement, something that’s essential for us, being the factor that can potentially hook the band to a wider audience.

Lyrically, ‘Rose Tinted’ explores the journey to accepting the past. As the British group explain: “Rose Tinted reflects the haunting nature of memories. The lyrics are an honest depiction of how one can feel when distancing themselves from their thoughts and feelings down to the minute details.” 

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