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Clash Valian Shares Unique Sonic Journey ‘Degrees of Freedom’

The keen listeners will be acutely aware of the immobility of modern pop music. An unimaginative, repetitive and self-referenced goo with nothing to express, a constant stream of grey matter made to capture the masses at their most vulnerable state. Well, it’s not all doom and gloom. We found a bright, eclectic artistic explorer who does not shy away from entering into a deeper state of consciousness, delving into quirky and unique sonic territories with blissful charisma. 

Such a human is Greg Merrell, AKA Clash Valian, Seattle-based composer and songwriter with an alternative outlook on music. You see, he’s not trying to fit into a pre-defined cast, or running behind trends and proven formulas. Simply, he’s pursuing his own way, being highly successful at doing so. ‘Degrees of Freedom’ is the strongest evidence of that, an unwavering stream of colourful psychedelia, spacious soundscapes and honest folk and pop lyricism, all declined following Merrell’s own taste and impactful imagination. 

There’s a bit of everything in the record; from abstract, arty leftfield gems such as ‘Empty Riot’, to more conventional dreamy journeys such as ‘Moonlander’, passing through genre-less anthems such as ‘Dragon’s Backbone’ (featuring the evocative vocals of Gretchen Swanson). Overall, ‘Degrees of Freedom’ is a record that deserves to be experienced slowly and with purpose. Give it a chance! 

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