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Explore the Connection Between Steampunk and EDM in ‘Quantum Blue’

There are a few moving parts one has to understand when delving into ‘’Quantum Blue’. A dreamy and hypnotising EDM anthem on the surface, the record reveals a deeper, more eclectic world of cross-disciplinary storytelling, all drenched in charming steampunk references and epic vibes. Penned by LX8 – also known as Henry Chebaane – the single is the fitting soundtrack to an award-winning music video, ‘The Panharmonion Chronicles: Times of London’, a cinematographic rendition of the graphic novel that inspired it. 

Clearly a talented holistic creative, Chebaane delves into a fictional, sci-fi story which directly draws from modern themes of gender balance, multi-culturalism and patriarchy, taking feminism and equality into the steampunk universe. We are confident there’s an audience for it out there, and ‘Quantum Blue’ is certainly going to facilitate that. 

Speaking about the ‘The Panharmonion Chronicles: Times of London’, LX8 explains: “The story is about Alex Campbell, a multi-cultural female EDM composer who struggles with a conflicted identity, a traumatic past and repressed supernatural abilities while fighting a violent supremacist cult through Time”. The record’s sonic picture, drawing from trance and melodic techno, is the perfect match for such vibrant and hard-hitting storytelling. 

Recommended! Discover ‘Quantum Blue’ on Spotify and Youtube, and buy ‘The Panharmonion Chronicles: Times of London’ graphic novel here


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