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Clare Easdown Teams Up with Simon Pipe on ‘Injected’

Debuting earlier this year, Australian songstress Clare Easdown has been showcasing an impressive degree of productivity, releasing more than 10 singles in the span of a few months. What’s more, she champions a truly eclectic, multi-genre artistry, navigating electronic, folk and pop bays with absolute nonchalance. The project’s latest effort was released earlier this month, and takes the shape of another collaboration with fellow producer Simon Pipe. Their second collaboration already, the track moves into obscure, nuanced sonic matter, making ‘Injected’ one of the best offerings from Easdown so far. 

Previous singles ‘Woman Of The World’ was rather similar, sharing a certain haunting quality and a dark electronic flair. ‘Injected’ keeps it up, fading into more intimate trip-hop territories, while retaining the same lyrical poignancy. On a soulful, mellow beat, spacious and mangled guitars build an intriguing groove, providing the perfect framework for Clare’s evocative and magnetic vocals. It is here that we can appreciate the full magnitude of Easdown’s powerful delivery. 

Lyrically, the song seeks to reflect on the influence of drugs, in particular “to be free, to not be held captive and under the heavy influence of the psychotropic pills.” 

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