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N4November Unveils Full EP ‘A World of So Much Hate’

Emerging from Sydney, Australia, N4November is the latest in a series of interesting projects to hit our pages, young talents with a lot of promises and so much to offer. In this case, we have a band which is also not really a band. Definitions don’t matter, because their music is just great. Championed by lead guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Alex, N4November is a solo project, at least for now. In it, the talented young Australian writes relatable and heartfelt material, infusing his own experiences into eclectic sonic matter, bordering pop, electronica and rock. 

Of Chinese and Filipino heritage, Alex has been pursuing music since his early teenage years, accumulating songs describing his journeys into adulthood. After debuting last year, N4November is now releasing their first milestone, a stunning EP titled ‘A World of So Much Hate’. About the lyrical inspirations behind the tracks, Alex explains: “songs I wrote when I was 16 about fictional love and heartbreak. Stories I wrote at 18 of struggling to live this reality. And letters I wrote at 21 of saying goodbye to loved ones.”

‘Dear Friend’ opens the record in pop-punk fashion, channelling a sound that’s as trendy as ever these days. This cool musical framework leaves space for heartfelt, emotional lyricism. 

‘Constant Reminder’ continues in the same direction, showcasing emo influences packaged into a modern package. ‘Movies’ shuffles the cards a fair bit, being a full-on anthemic ballad built over a poignant piano and cinematic beats. N4November’s vocals are wonderful, clearly showing the talent this young Australian has to offer. ‘Half of Mine’ is decisively pop-rock, while ‘Mistakes and Heartbreak’ navigate slow-tempo epic goodness. Title-track ‘A World of So Much Hate’ closes the record in mellow fashion, reconciling the two sides of N4November: guitar-based shenanigans and wider, cinematic compositions. 

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