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Apaolo Champions Pop-Punk Energy in ‘Psychopath’

When life throws you a curveball, you react by playing it. That’s what Apaolo did. Emerging from Cincinnati, the talented American is an aspiring musical artist. Debuting earlier this year with the pop-rock anthem ‘Chase the Sun’, he managed to deliver a style that’s punchy and gritty in its instrumentals, while mellow and deep in its lyrical content. Now Apaolo doubles down on creativity, releasing a brand new single called ‘Psychopath’. In it, the Ohio resident blinks an eye to more bubbly punk shores, while retaining his controlled spirit. 

About the curveball: when the pandemic hit, Apaolo was laid off from his employment, and forced to move back with his parents. Then, strange events kept on piling up, as if they were messages from the universe asking him to change something in his life. “He lost his life savings YOLOing on meme stocks, his laptop died and deleted all of his projects and his car got robbed”. That’s some really unfortunate circumstances! 

Apaolo did not give up, deciding a move to Cincinnati would be in his best interest. From what we are hearing in his music, we believe it’s working, and hopefully, the universe will be kinder to him from now on. ‘Psychopath’ is a worthy listen. 

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