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City-Pop Wonder Jun Parker Returns With Mellower Soothing Offering ‘Say Goodbye’

We first came across Jun Parker earlier this summer, on the occasion of the release of his debut single  ‘つつまれながら(Embracement)’. An absolute delight, at the time we described it as “offering an outlet for period nostalgia and general melancholy, the record makes its way through funky, retro basslines and poignant piano accompaniment, before crowning Parker’s mellow, soothing vocals”. We became fans of the talented Australian resident pretty soon, thanks to a unique sound and a very mesmerising aesthetic. 

This week, we are happy to announce Parker’s return. ‘Say Goodbye (Dusk Mellow Edit)’ places the Japanese native into a more authentic City-pop scenario, featuring a more acoustic-led jazz arrangement. It is nostalgic, almost timeless. We absolutely love the clarinet in it, that’s perhaps the most powerful 80s reference in the piece. Next to that, we still found fusion-style drums and funky guitars. Parker’s vocals are expressive and evocative as always, and although we don’t understand Japanese lyrics, they enrich the listening experience greatly, making it a must-listen for every city-pop connoisseur. 

Sonic framework aside, ‘Say Goodbye (Dusk Mellow Edit)’ seeks to illustrate the reflective and pensive journey of a young man, speeding with his sports car on a life-changing road trip. Resembling the life-long research for one’s identity, we are confident the record will connect to its listeners. Moreover, Parker will release a more upbeat and electronic version of it soon, together with a music video. 

We are big fans of the project. Thanks for your wonderful artistry, Jun. 

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