Call in Dead Blurs Borders Between Punk and Metal in ‘Deepest Condolences’

For all of you punk heads out there (but also hard rockers), we found the perfect band to soothe (ironically) your winter blues. Emerging from Orlando, Florida, Call in Dead are a powerful, unapologetic four-piece outfit, balancing their efforts between screamed vocals and lighter, punk-oriented instrumentals. That’s a signature feature in its own right, it makes them special but at the same time, it can also be a challenge. As they describe, Call in Dead is “always the lightest band on a metal show and the heaviest band on a punk show”. Which seems completely true! We like it though, we are in dire need of fresh stuff. 

Let’s contextualise: Call in Dead are releasing their new record this week, an intense, therapeutic (really…) 16-track album, ‘Deepest Condolences’. Championed by Canadian label Wrecking Crew Records, the full-length offering showcases itself as a breaking force in the punk scene, widening the horizons of the genre and blurring the lines between diverse influences. 

Take for instance “Song About A Horse” the only single available on Spotify, for now. It is gritty and rugged in its aesthetic, although once the chorus hits, we get a melodious glimpse of malleable rock, as if there was a constant tension between dark and light. An absolute masterpiece! 

Recommended! If you are into it, you can get the vinyl release on Bandcamp, with two covers choices. 

Otherwise, stream ‘Song About A Horse’ on Spotify:


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