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Ari Raine Reflects on Young Adulthood in Latest EP ‘Just to See Me Fall’

Taking the major step of sharing her music with the world, Atlanta (GA) resident Ari Raine has spent the past year releasing a number of immersive singles, all showcasing the complex and luscious artistry she has to offer. Using music as an expressive outlet, Raine was able to mitigate her intimate and reserved personality by putting thoughts on paper, reversing all the conflicting emotions young graduates experience in our unregulated reality. Music can be a saviour, and for the Georgian talent, it sure was. 

This week, Ari returns with an EP, a sort of closing act for a chapter that saw her affirming herself as a gifted and inspired newcomer. ‘Just to See Me Fall’ collects five tracks between past singles and new gems, a sultry and luscious journey into Rainey’s influences: from R’n’B to Pop, the results are staggering: it’s relatable, immediate material, which we are confident will be able to instantly connect with the listeners. What’s more, Raine’s vocals are absolutely delightful. Soulful, yet capable of a powerful and poignant tone. 

Describing the challenge of shifting into adulthood, Ari Raine shares sensations and feelings we all once went through: the uncertainties of growing up, the identity crisis, and the unwillingness to commit. 

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