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Eliza Mary Doyle Shares Americana Masterpiece ‘Pretty Strange’

Hailing from the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, Eliza Mary Doyle has proven herself to be a worthy addition to the Americana scene, thanks to her unique blend of charismatic stage presence, authentic banjo playing and sophisticated songwriting. This is perhaps best exemplified by her latest record, ‘Pretty Strange,’ a collection of country and folk gems captured live at Sidekick Studios in Nashville. A noteworthy Americana listen, the album is a testament to Doyle’s relentless pursuit of musical excellence and unwavering dedication to her fans.

Indeed, it is difficult to overstate the impact that Doyle has had on the music industry in recent years. After making a name for herself as the former banjo player for The Dead South, Doyle went on to win a coveted JUNO Award in 2018, giving her the motivation and inspiring force for pursuing a solo career. As a versatile player, seasoned performer, teacher, and session musician, she packs her music with such authenticity and vitality that is hard to ignore.

With eclectic banjo, guitars and pedal steel licks throughout, ‘Pretty Strange’ is a fresh and exciting take on the Americana genre, a gem that we are confident will attract even more attention to the project. Most importantly, it will allow Eliza Mary Doyle an honourable space and niche in the world of alt-country, Americana and folk music. 

Recommended! Discover ‘Pretty Strange’ on Spotify and look out for her upcoming US tour dates: 


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