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OXLIP Shares Stunning and Meaningful Gem ‘Salt’

Introduced by a soothing and poignant arpeggiated piano, ‘Salt’ instantly feels ethereal and cathartic, allowing the listeners to get closer to their inner consciousness and reflective self. Soon, OXLIP’s evocative vocals enter the sonic picture, in a triumph of emotional energy and unwavering elegance. Drenched in a long, spacious reverb, the Canadian songstress resembles an angel – an entity from another universe blessing us with her unique artistry. 

Built over the most intimate Folk stylings and a touch of leftfield goodness, ‘Salt’ will likely hypnotise the listener into five minutes of blissful thinking, growing into an expressive soundscape with the addition of light textures and gentle vocal harmonies. Throat singing by Damien Jurado adds a peculiar layer to an already mesmerising formula. 

Truly meaningful, ‘Salt’ revolves around a painful loss, with OXLIP trying to make sense of it, in musical and literary form:

 “Lighter than a dream

Stronger than the pale

My spirit always touching you

From beyond the veil.”

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