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Caitlin Lavagna Shares Cathartic and Solemn Ballad ‘We Lost Track’

We last heard of Caitlin Lavagna last year, when we proudly featured her single ‘Night Bus’. In fact, we were so eager about the track to declare “it appears as if something has finally clicked, with Lavagna offering her listeners a luscious, intense pop gem, highlighting a powerful, anthemic vocal tone.” Now, the Welsh talent returns to the music scene with her latest offering, a stunning ballad packed with cinematic stylings and folk energy. ‘We Lost Track’ is a rather simple record, on the surface: A solemn arrangement that explodes in the chorus, bright strings and enchanting vocal harmonies all around. 

Indeed – at a deeper look, one can spot the intense lyricism informing the song. Caitlin Lavagna delves deep into introspection and personal experience, almost entering cathartic territories. The listener is likely to find solace and comfort in it, as the British upcomer highlights the importance of staying true to your own identity, without the need to adhere to someone else’s vision or wishes. 

As she explains: “I wanted the song to represent losing something ‘perfect’. It’s a reflective song about how I gave too much of myself to someone, not realising I was worth more than how I was treated. It’s about friendship, love and pain.”

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