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Tori BLK Celebrates Pride Month with ‘Two Scared Girls’

Arizona-based singer/songwriter and popstar Tori Blk just dropped her brand new single ‘Two Scared Girls’, an upbeat and infectious pop anthem that details the artist’s personal experiences as a queer woman. Narrating two young women struggling to embrace their true identities amidst an irresistible and captivating romance, Tori Blk (real name Victoria Islas) sends out a message of love and understanding. She expresses the emotional longing and desperation for equal love and she does so in a way that just makes you want to dance away all of your problems.  

‘Two Scared Girls’ follows Tori’s previous tune ‘My Illusion’, and it showcases a musician who is growing more confident and self-assured with each new release. With a bold and entrancing vocal performance, it’s a fun and sugary little track that contains a serious and profound underbelly. 

The power of lyrics has guided me for most of my life if I’m being honest. It’s often less about the soundscape and more about the words for me. Tori’s latest song captures that power beautifully, and I can’t wait to hear what she has next in store! An artist of the highest order, Tori Blk is here to leave her mark. 

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Two Scared Girls’ on Spotify now:


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