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Jason Myles Goss Returns with Stunning EP ‘Misfit’

A sort of best-kept secret of the Americana scene, Jason Myles Goss champions the kind of playful yet expressive lyricism that’s the signature of great talents. We are told he’s an old-school guy: playing around the US, he was able to collect and grow an audience in a way that’s wholesome and meaningful. In fact, such an endeavour even landed him with ten million streams on Spotify alone, a goal that’s frankly quite prestigious. 

Now, Goss looks to consolidate his blooming career with the release of a stunning EP, ‘Misfit’. Jason’s return after eight years of commercial silence, the record is a slice of blissful evocative energy, showcasing all the many reasons why Myles Goss’s music is so celebrated. Driving his trusty acoustic guitar, the talented songster draws a picture of fragility and authenticity, with a distinctly nostalgic and melancholic outlook. Jason’s vocals exude warmth and acceptance, lulling the listeners into introspection and reflection. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the track, he explains: “I wanted the songs to be good, but the worrying about things that didn’t matter, the self-doubt, the second-guessing, those things were not there. Working on Misfit was a letting go of all of that. The way I was doing things before—I could now see all of my mistakes.”

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