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BlackLight Returns with Summery Gem ‘Welcome to the Party’

We had already featured BlackLight in the past, on the occasion of his retro-inspired dance banger ‘Beautiful People’. The Omaha-based producer seems to have found the key to impressive artistic productivity, constantly sharing new electronic gems that seem to get better release after release. Now, BlackLight returns with what’s perhaps one of his fiercest and punchiest offerings to date, a tight and rolling jewel that really delves into tech-house and modern influences: ‘Welcome to the Party.’

It all flows in the right direction, making the project a successful endeavour for uplifting, euphoric and mesmerising music. In fact, BlackLight has been hard at work building his personal artistic universe: a place where people can find solace, rest, and fun – especially in our dire and complex times. The record arrives just in time for summer: ‘Welcome to the Party’ is shaping up to be an addicting and rewarding listen, especially when played at a party – dancing to it will be pretty hypnotising! 

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