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Venice Heath Gear Up for Upcoming EP with ‘Different’

Not a new name on our pages, Venice Heath are once again sharing hypnotising and reflective musical gems. We already had a taste of their unique style, featuring the group’s previous effort ‘Keep On Thinking’, by us described as “The listening experience is light and exciting: on a bed of bright and airy guitar riffs, the group lay down multi-layered vocals, together with groovy drums, funky basslines and an overall sense of euphoria.” Now, the London-based talented unveils ‘Different’, a more introspective and reflective offering, although always maintaining an uplifting and groovy character. 

Of course, it all serves a higher purpose. The British outfit is gearing up for a debut EP, ‘Summernight’, expected on May 19th. Active since 2021, the group has slowly evolved into one of the most convincing indie realities in the scene right now, boasting a superb sound that screams ‘next-big-thing’ whichever way you approach it. 

Introduced by a Tame Impala-Esque rhythms section, ‘Different’ makes its way through light guitars and anthemic vocals, before exploding into a glorious chorus, one of those melodies you don’t forget about that easily. Lyrically, the record seeks to highlight the precious daydream moments that make us sparkle – a ‘what if’ moment, if you will.  

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