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Vanda Flips The Script with Fierce Jewel ‘Honeydew’

Following up on previous effort ‘Eileen &I’ – a relatable, introspective and meaningful gem, American pop sensation Vanda now shares her latest effort, the charming and fierce nugget of goodness ‘Honeydew’. The record seems to shuffle the cards in terms of what we knew about the project. Used to more intimate, mellow and emotional tones, we are now faced with darker and punchier matter, a stark contrast with any past single. 

Frankly, it’s a triumph. Being able to connect with Vanda’s more upbeat side is certainly beneficial, allowing us to fully appreciate the depth of her artistry. Built on hyperpop stylings and saturated synths, ‘Honeydew’ projects the young Los Angeles singer on musical Olympus, placing the cornerstone for a glorious new era – we’ll be here supporting! 

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