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Joe Marsalis Debuts with Eclectic and Minimal Jewel ‘St. James’

We have a compelling new music offering in London. Enter Joe Marsalis, young singer and musician with a knack for pop eclecticism and a sleazy, fresh vibe. His debut release, ‘St. James’, is as good as they come. Building the track over a minimal and light arrangement, made up of acoustic guitar and light percussions, Marsalis lays down soothing yet dynamic vocals, oscillating between signing and spoken word, always maintaining drive and intensity. A charming trumpet helps the single come to a close, showcasing the uniqueness of Joe’s imagery. 

Emerging from North London, Marsalis is also preparing an upcoming EP – ‘The Sunshine Will Heal Us’ – set to be released this spring; good, we’ll have enough time to familiarize ourselves with ‘St. James’. If the record is anything to go by, we are in for a real treat. Sapiently blending various genres, including triphop, post-punk, and 90s alternative music, the British talent suggests a brand new sonic landscape, using it as a vehicle for meaningful lyricism. 

Joe’s music is a reflection of his personal experiences, as he draws inspiration from his struggles with a job he didn’t like, a bad relationship, and a battle with his identity. Pretty much what we can expect from the EP, which sees Marsalis take listeners on a journey of self-discovery, exploring the ways in which problems and challenges are escaped, eventually accepting them for what they are and finding light in the darkness.

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