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Mike Tony Echoes Beatnik Culture with Retro Gem ‘Velvet Sunshine’

Believe us, it is not easy for an artist to craft their own path. Artistic research can be tedious and discouraging. Until… you find your identity. That’s exactly what Mike Tony did. Hailing from Florida, the American upcomer champions a sound that’s nostalgic yet incredibly contemporary – channelling the heightened sense of nostalgia we all seem to feel nowadays. Tony does so with a charmingly organic sonic outlook, drawing influences from early rock’n’roll and soul music, declined with a modern flair. 

As the former frontman of Très Bien, a retro garage-rock quartet, Mike Tony did his time on the road and on stage, eventually helping him build the artist he is today. He has since released seven full-length albums with the band, showcasing his powerful voice and love for vintage sounds. Having driven a solo project since 2019, Tony seems to have developed a certain passion for writing alone. So much so that, following up from last year’s album ‘Cry on Christmas’, he now returns with a brand new gem, ‘Velvet Sunshine’.

There’s a lot to unpack there: between the spring-reverbered guitars and the lo-fi sitar, one can hear the remembrance of a golden era, perhaps the beatnik tones of the 50s and 60s. Tony’s vocals follow the same script, evocative and very crooning-like. Overall, the song is an absolute masterpiece, not only in the many details and nuances found in the production, but also in Tony’s passionate songwriting and vocal performance. 

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